With more than 15 years of experience, MiceGolf is a company created to experience the World of Golf for everyone.  

Although it is not a team sport, golf is played by several people who compete with the same goal. This is certainly a first important growth tool since socializing is one of the main reasons that pushes to play.

Maintaining concentration and steady nerves, even and especially when the swing is not performed as it should, is an indispensable quality for practicing and undoubtedly an excellent gift even off the court.

A great deal of discipline and a lot of self-control is required to be able to handle these situations.


One of the key point in all sport or activites is … «to have fun»

This one of the major goal at GolfMice.

Make the goup experience and enjoable moment that you will not forget.


A good Start it always begins with some theory

And the Fun Part is Swing...

From Theory to Pratice what you have learned in the theorical lesson

Not easy but…..for sure FUN … FUN … & FUN ….

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